About Us

The number 49 in numerology signifies new beginnings, change, growth, and above all, finding solutions for mankind and mother earth. 

Hi, I'm Rosanne Wood, The Creator of No. 49

My passion for handbags, the environment, and sustainability has always been with me. The beauty of life is its ever changing ebb and flow of challenges and learning experiences.  Challenges can be turned into opportunities and triumphs. Now, as I approach my 49th birthday, I am choosing  to follow my dreams and focus on where I can make positive change. I am  proud of what No. 49 represents.  I want to be an example for women that age is just a number and that it is never too late to achieve your goals and follow your dreams. 

Our Mission

No. 49 is committed to help free our planet from plastic pollution and preventing it from entering the sea and ocean. For every No. 49 Handbag sold,  2 pounds of plastic will be collected. We care about this planet and use sustainable vegan materials such as apple leather, bamboo leather, raffia, recycled cotton, recycled polyurethane.

Secondly,  we want to end animal exploitation. Animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect, and we will only choose cruelty-free materials. In addition, by opting for vegan fabrics over animal leather production, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, conserving energy, and resources.

We have opted for carbon neutral shipping on all orders by donating a portion of sales to Mast Reforestation which helps land owners restore forest land after wildfires and reforest areas that are challenged to recover after severe burns; and Grass Roots Carbon which assists Ranchers across the United States restore carbon to their soil. 

Together, with the support of our customers, our ultimate goal is to drive significant change in helping to restore ocean health, reduce carbon emissions and combat the climate crisis. At No. 49, we believe every small action can contribute to a more significant movement toward a more sustainable and compassionate future. When it comes to fashion, the choices we make matter.

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Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders
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